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Welcome to the official web home of the Clan MacLeod worldwide

Are you interested in Clan MacLeod's heritage? Do you want to meet other MacLeods from around the world? Questions? Interested in joining? Need more information? Use the National Society Links to find the Clan MacLeod National Society nearest you.

ACMS election results have been published

The results of the ACMS Management Council elections at Parliament 2014 can be found here.  

Participate in Clan MacLeod's upcoming gatherings!

Clan MacLeod USA is hosting its 2015 Annual General Meeting in Wilwaukee, Wisconsin USA from June 4th - 7th.  Programme and registration information is available here, and other details can be found at their national website http://www.clanmacleodusa.org.  (Scroll through the calendar under "Events.")   

The 2016 North American Gathering will he held in Merritt, British Columbia, Canada.  More information is available at http://www.mcleodcastle.ca.  

Participation in Clan MacLeod's gatherings and other programmes is open to all members of the Clan.  If you are not a member, please consider joining us!  Information about out National Societies can be found on the "Links" option, above.