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Project summary

Following the exquisite a capella concert by Anne Lorne Gillies at Parliament 2006, and the awarding of the Silver Chanter to Euan MacCrimmon the following week, several MacLeods have suggested that we partner with these two outstanding artists and produce a recording of music with historical value to the Clan.

In 2006, Anne performed as the keynote speaker for the Stanley R. McLeod Memorial lecture, funded by a bequest through the Dunvegan Foundation. Initially we invited her to (perhaps) dryly address the "role of the Gael in modern society", a topic on which she is well versed and would have been a compelling speaker. Her inspired decision was instead to "sing the history of the MacLeods" to us, unaccompanied in the dark Dunvegan Hall except for a projected display on the wall behind her, of the Gaelic lyrics she was singing and their English translation. The rafters must be buzzing still.
Euan is also a friend of Parliament, having worked with John Davidson Kelly several times in the past, to provide the live piping at Borreraig, píobaireachd workshops, and ceremonical accompaniment for events. 2006 was a fabulous year for him, and in the words of the late Chief John MacLeod of MacLeod after the Chanter performance, "I have never heard him play better."

Project progress
These accolades being given, this music project has been slow in forming. The Management Council of the ACMS has expressed its enthusiasm for any subsequent recording projects by Anne or Euan, but we do not have the technical resources to lend direct support. It is possible that the project will apply for funding consideration through either the Clan MacLeod Heritage Trust or the Dunvegan Foundation. 

Any further developments will be reported here.