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Project summary

Raasay House has now been sold to the Raasay House Community Company. We would like to track the progress of this important project and ascertain what we can do to help.


Raasay House is located here.

Further information

Raasay House: A photographic Record 2008 Summary, a report from Highland and Islands Enterprise.
    A photographic record was made of Raasay House, Isle of Raasay, during refurbishment and repair works in 2008. This report summarises the history of the house and the survey results. The report is accompanied by five appendices containing a catalogue of photographs taken during May and June 2008, to offer a snapshot of the building at that time. The enclosed CD contains a full set of photographs together with an archive of photographs provided by ROK.
(Note that this report was last updated 11-Feb-2009, but does not include information about the fire in January 2009.)

Raasay House Community Company

You may contact the Raasay House Community Company, via Ali Macleod. It is also possible to support this project by becoming a member of the Friends of the Raasay House Community Company.  The application for membership can be downloaded from here

The purposes of the Raasay House Community Company:
    To manage community land and associated assets for the benefit of the Raasay community and the public in general, following the principles of sustainable development, where sustainable development means development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

About the register of Friends of the Raasay Community Company:

    The Register of Friends of Raasay House Community Company was created to allow all those who support the aims of the company, but do not live permanently on Raasay, to have a link with it. Friends are entitled to attend General Meetings (but not to vote) and will be kept well informed of the company's activities by regular newsletters.

Raasay House Community Company Newsletters

Newsletter September 2008
Community Presentation September 2008
Newsletter February 2009
Newsletter October 2009
Newsletter February 2010
Newsletter January 2011

Recovery from the fire of January 2009

ACMS was offered a copy of a report in the spring of 2010 called Presentation to Raasay House Community Corporation by "ROK". This is a presentation from the builder describing the challenges and progress made recovering fron the fire.  Other current information can be found below under Raasay House Community Company Newsletters.

Reports on the fire at Raasay House, 18 January 2009

Early in the morning of 19 January, a fire broke out in Raasay House, which was nearing the completion of a huge renovation project. On this ACMS/ACC webpage, we had previously posted some information about the project and the Raasay House Community Company (see below). Progress on the renovation was previously posted at the Raasay Outdoor Centre website - including a detailed blog of the construction works - and was still available at the time of this posting about the fire. Raasay House Community Company newsletters can be found here temporarily.

Further reports about the fire and its aftermath are below. Note that this list was last updated on 24-Jan-09.
House Fire - Isle of Raasay , online or archived.
Kennedy sadness at Raasay House fire, online or archived. Note that MP Charles Kennedy was due to preside over the reopening of Raasay House in April. At the time that this article was posted on the ACMS website, this page also included an interesting video interview on forest management.
Raasay House is ablaze [a blog], online or archived.
Raasay House Fire [video on YouTube], click here.
Probe to open into Raasay House blaze, online or archived copy of the story.
Raasay islanders vow to rebuild, online or archived copy of the story.
Lifeboat transports fire brigade, online or archived copy of the story.
Blaze devastates historic isle house, online or archived copy of the story.
Portree RLNI lifeboat help Fire Brigade, online or archived
Raasay House hit by major blaze, online or archived copy of the story.

Documents referenced on this page are in PDF format. To read these documents, you may download Adobe Acrobat free from here.