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Note: this is a prototype ACMS web page, currently undergoing review by the people who will use it.

How to use this page

This page has been created to support the work of the various newsletter writers and editors in the Clan MacLeod national and regional societies. The information posted here can be used freely and by anyone, subject to any copyright or other restrictions that may be noted with each source. The sections available on this page are:

News people
News publications
News content sources
External publications
Documents and clip art to share
Tips for newsletter publishers
Many of our publications are well established, and may not necessarily need some of the information on this page. But hopefully this will give those more experienced among us the opportunity to mentor and encourage other efforts.

If you are thinking about starting a newsletter, make sure that you contact your National or regional Society officers so that your work will be recognised as part of our Clan activities. It is also prudent to consider what you would be ADDING to the information already available to our members, as simply repeating information already available may not yield the most from your effort. Localizing news, and making MacLeods in your immediate area feel more engaged with the Clan, is always a big plus. Finally, when you consider how frequently you might publish, remember that Clan MacLeod magazine is mailed out in April and October of each year, ideally followed by national newsletters. If you are contemplating a third, more intimate newsletter for your area, you might want to choose a publication date that compliments these other periodicals.

News people

All individuals below are pleased to be on your newsletter distribution list, and in return for receiving yours will send you theirs.

ACMS-wide news contacts
Corresponding Secretary Ruth MacLeod
Brochel Cottage
17 Parkside Avenue
Mt. Pleasant, WA 6153
"Linking the Clans" column in the Clan MacLeod Magazine Contact Ruth for current deadlines for submissions.
Editor, Clan MacLeod Magazine Andrea Nichol
1F1 - 67 Brunswick Street
Edinburgh EH7 5HT
Andrea is the Editor of the Magazine. Deadlines are end of February for April issue, end of August for October issue. Contact Andrea for further information.
ACMS Youth Membership Coordinator Christy MacLeod Coordinates use of ad hoc newsgroups and social networking sites, and reports on Youth activities to ACMS. Contact Christy for further information.
Internet Editors Penny DeGraff
Rose de Wynter
Contacts for ACMS website. ACMS website will post major news articles, of interest to MacLeods world-wide.
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News publications

Note: the absense of information for a particular nation or region in the table below does not imply that there is no news activity in that area, only that the person working on this page has not personally contacted the news people there yet.

Region or Pub. Contact Publication Notes
New South Wales and Queensland Peter MacLeod Regional newsletter Published quarterly in March, June, September and December; in paper form and also available as a PDF.
South Australia Trevor Powell Regional newsletter  
Victoria Rod MacLeod Regional newsletter  
Western Australia Dr. Ian MacLeod Regional newsletter 5 or 6 a year (not verified)
National newsletter Judy Tipple Publishes "The Leod Voice" Contact Judy for further information.
Internet contact      
Cape Breton region      
Halifax region      
Glengarry region      
Ottawa region      
Central Ontario region      
Manitoba region      
Southern Alberta region      
B. C. Interior region      
Vancover region      
Vancouver Island region      
[newsletter] Clare Moncreiff    
[newsletter] Ghislaine Poirier-MacLeod    
  • newsletter
  • Web site
  • Dirk Ehlig-MacLeod Website http://www.clan-macleod.de/  
    New Zealand
    Newletter Ross de Wynter    
    Republic of South Africa
    National newsletter Brenda Morris    
  • Yearly syllabus
  • Semi-annual newsletter "The MacLeod Light"
  • Website
  • Syllabus published by Rosemary Fleming +44 (0)131 663-8957
  • Newsletter and website edited by Ruari Halford-MacLeod
  • http://www.clan-macleod-scotland.org.uk  
    National newsletter editor Dorna Caskie    
    Clan MacLeod USA Internet Editor Bill G. MacLeod Website http://www.clanmacleodusa.org  
    New England region R. J. Hoagland, RVP; Sarah Piepgrass,
    Dorna Caskie newsletter editors
    Semi-annual newsletter  
    Northeast region [RVP and newsletter positions vacant] Website http://www.macleodnortheast.org/  
    Mid Atlantic region RVP Stephen D. MacLeod  
    Carolinas region RVP W. Franklin Wyatt III  
    Southeast region RVP John W. McLeod  
    Gulf Central region RVP Jack Lewis  
    Great Lakes region Web site maintained by Bill G. MacLeod

    RVP Robert J. McLeod
    Website http://www.macleodgreatlakes.org/  
    Upper Midwest region RVP Pamela Captain  
    Missouri region Webmaster Grant Young

    RVP Ian Good
    Website http://www.macleodmissourivalley.org  
    South Central region Webmaster Larry Sears

    RVP Doug Beaton
    Website http://www.scmacleod.org Website kindly hosted by e-LAN Resources, Ltd., a Texas corporation
    Southwest region RVP Judy McClure Wisehart  
    Pacific region Webmaster Grant Young

    RVP Tammie Vawter
    Website http://www.macleodpacific.net  
    Northwest region RVP Susan Slade  
    Sept and other MacLeod news sources
    website and newsletter MacAskill Sept Society Members primarily in North America  
    website and newsletter MacAskills of Rubh' an Dùnain Society "exists to promote interest in and awareness of [the Rubh' an Dùnain area on Skye] and of the special people who have lived there through the ages."  
    website McClure family    
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    News content suggestions

    Sources in your own backyard

    If you are searching for things to put in your newsletter, here are some ideas:
    Family events of MacLeods, including marriages, graduations, birthdays
    First person reports from people who have made a trip to Scotland, or general travel advice or recommendations from your members
    Books and movie reviews, where Scotland is involved
    Reprints of older articles from other MacLeod publications (things that are interesting to your particular readership)
    Recipes! Poems! Humor!
    Genealogy information, or stories about memorable family members

    Scottish press sources

    Your readers may appreciate occasional articles reprinted from Scottish news sources (properly credited!) with timely, whimsical, or practical information. Click on a logo below to load the home page of the newspaper illustrated.
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    External publications

    The following publications are interested in receiving news from MacLeods. When you report, please make sure you are reporting YOUR news - meaning, if you are Clan MacLeod Narnia, please report news of Clan MacLeod Narnia and not the news of another country, or the ACMS. Thanks.

    Publication Interest in Clan MacLeod
    The Scottish Banner
    13799 Park Blvd. #271
    Seminole, FL 33776 USA
    Ex-pat, international news, and human interest stories
    Highlander Magazine US publication, which has been in existence for over 30 years.
    Highlander web page [general interest]
    Scottish Field Lifestyle magazine.
    Scottish Memories Scottish memory magazine
    History Scotland Archaeology and history
    Scotland Magazine [general interest]
    Scottish Life Magazine [general interest]
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    Documents and clip art to share

    The following publications and clip art are available for your use in promoting MacLeod and Scottish interests. Please note carefully any copyrights or restrictions in these materials, which must be followed and/or acknowledged.

    Date Source Document
    Revised version, March 2011 Peter Macleod The new version of Peter's booklet can be found on the Publications page for Australia
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    Tips for the news crew

    Date From Tip
    02-Feb-09 Dorna I have been using an HP Officejet 5400 printer to produce the NE MacLeod and MacAskill sept newsletters. It costs about $150 and has been a joy to use (most notably, it almost meets the advertised "blazing" print speeds of 35ppm color). I'd recommend it for anyone thinking about starting a newsletter. If you use the "bookfold" option in Microsoft Word and keep your photos small you can print an 8.5x11 inch (~A4) sheet of paper color on both sides for about 18 cents USD. Contact me for more information, templates, etc.

    UPDATE: This is the printer, an additional one I puchased in Scotland, that we used to print all the Parliament 2010 booklets!
    Fall 2010 Dorna After 3+ years and printing over 55,000 pages, my HP5400 has been retired.  I have replaced it with the HP Offject Pro 8000 A809 series, which is functionally identical except that it uses different ink cartridges and includes a duplexer.  The cost of ink seems to be higher, but still less than 20 cents for colour on both sides of a full sized sheet.  And the sheet feeder - on my unit at least - works much more reliably than the HP5400 (which used to grab multiple sheets when it reached the bottom of the feeder).  IMPORTANT: the duplexer (the thingy that prints two-sided) apparently needs a larger "footprint" on the page than when you print single-sided.  When you use two-sided printing your image will not go all the way out to the 1/4 inch border from the edge of the page.  Your image will be shrunk (not cropped) on the long side of the paper, and there will be a 1/2 inch border on both the top and bottom of a portrait-oriented page.
    30-Mar-11 Dorna The Clan MacLeod USA is experimenting with offering for sale a premium copy of its newsletter, in full colour, through the publish-on-demand website http://www.magcloud.com. If you are unfamiliar with a “publish on demand” service, this is the way MagCloud works:
    • We upload the electronic copy of our newsletter (at no charge) to the service’s website, and it becomes available for sale at http://clanmacleodusa.magcloud.com. You do not have to give up your copyright to the contents of the newsletter when you use this service.
    • Then, anyone who wishes to order a copy of the newsletter does so through the web pages at that location. Purchasers are asked to provide their mailing address (visible only to us), and pay securely by credit card or PayPal.
    • The copy or copies that are ordered are printed (one at a time, hence “print on demand”) and mailed to the purchaser.  You may order just one copy, or as many as you want. 
    • MagCloud collects 20 cents per (one side) page, which must be included in the price of the item you sell.  You can sell your item at this cost, or add in a "profit" that will be paid into your PayPal account monthly. 
    OTHER CAVEATS: (1) Only "letter sized" content is currently supported, and the number of pages has to be divisible by 4. (2) Copies can be shipped anywhere in the world, there but the service is based in the USA so the "terms of use" require that you agree to follow USA laws and accept USA business remedies for problems, etc.  See the MagCloud website for further information.
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    Please contact Dorna Caskie if you have any information that you would like to add to this page. 

    Click here to download Adobe reader, if needed.