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Chief John’s MGA being restored
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The Clan MacLeod Society of Germany are pleased to announce that they have undertaken the restoration of Chief John's MGA.  This is the car he famously drove on Skye for many years, and about which there are many humorous stores.  

This project is still alive! We are very pleased to report the progress of our Chief John MGA Restoration (CJM). As agreed with Chief Hugh, we purhased the car and have moved it from Dunvegan Castle to Germany.  While work has begun, additional money is needed to complete this project.  

The Clan MacLeod Society of Germany invites all MacLeods and their National Societies to spread the word and involve themselves in funding the purchase, transport, and restoration of this wonderful vehicle through the purchase of "Chief John MGA" shares. CMSG is issuing 150 shares, valued at Euro 100 each, thus collecting Euro 15,000 to cover the estimated expenses. 

When you purchase one or more shares, you will receive a share certificate.  The share certificates were designed by our member Edith McLeod and a friend of hers, Erwin Holldorf, an artist who created the beautiful painting of Dunvegan Castle seen in the background. The share certificate measures about 20 x 30 cm and is suitable for framing.

The restoration of Chief John's beautiful car will be able to progress as long as our fundraising progresses. Ideally, when the work is complete we will bring it to Parliament in Dunvegan, where all share holders will have a chance to drive it!

Those wishing to purchase CJM shares should send their name, address, telephone number and requested number of shares to the Secretary of CMS Germany at "sekretariat@clan-macleod.de. Please transfer your funds in EURO (a multiple of Euro 100) to the following special CMSG savings account, dedicated solely to this project:
   CMGD e. V. (CMS Germany - CJM project)
   IBAN: DE32130500000201043238

For each transfer received, CMSG will register the owner and number of shares, draw up and sign the share certificate, and send it to the address you have given us.

We would be extremely pleased if this project were to become an international effort with contributions from all National Societies!

For more information please email the Secretary of the Clan MacLeod Society of Germany at "sekretariat@clan-macleod.de