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The earliest records that mention a Clan MacLeod gathering is that of a Clan MacLeod gathering in Scots Church in 1913, so although there are no extant records of the foundation of the initial society, it would appear to have been operating around 1912. The Society was reformed as the Australasian Clan MacLeod Society in 1951 and it became the Victorian society in 1967. It has maintained a strong presence at the various regional highland games and always produces a few tables of members at the Annual Highland Ball. Victoria is proud to have its own MacLeod Pipe Band, which wears the yellow and red tartan of the MacLeod of the Lewes. The band is based in Bendigo and the pipe major is Max Morris. The society produces a regular newsletter informing members of the range of activities that are still available in this state where the Scots played such a major role in the first century of colonisation.
The great success of the Bendigo team, which was lead by Rod and Heather McLeod, in running the International Clan MacLeod Gathering in Bendigo in April 1999, has resulted in a major rejuvenation of the Clan Society in Victoria. Rather than have all the executive living in the capital city, as is the case with all the other states, Victoria has lead the charge of decentralisation and now has regional sections based in several locations. 
Enquiries should be sent to the following contacts:
Blair Michael  c/- Post Office Raywood, Vic 3470       ( 03) 5436 9293   
Snr. Vice-Pres and Secretary.
Rod MacLeod  c/- PO. MandurangVic 3551                (03)5439 3054 
Jnr. Vice-Pres.
Judy Hillman  44 William Rd. Lilydale Vic. 3140          (03)9735 1797
Immediate Past Pres.
 Rod MacLeod c/- Post Office Mandurang, Vic 3551    (03) 5439 3054
Asst. Secretary.

Keith McCoy. 233 Pudding Bag Rd Drummond Vic. 3461  (03) 5423 9218
Asst. Treasurer
Peter Heritage.  52 Nolan Street Bendigo 3550        (03) 5443 7970
Kenneth Craze  Allingham St. Kangaroo Flat (Retired Principal, Kangaroo Flat Secondary College)
Eastern Region :            Jim McLeod
Western Region:           Barbara McLeod
Northern Region:.         Heather MacLeod
Melbourne region:         Judy Hillman