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Although small in numbers the Canterbury Society is strong at heart and continues to meet as often as it sees fit to carrry out its aims and objects. It met on several occasions throughout the last year . In June 2008 its members had dinner  together at Sequoia 88 to farewell Judith  Moore who was departing in July to take up an English teaching position in Urumqi  in China. Shortly after taking up her position we had an e-mail from Judith to say that she was settling in well and enjoying her teaching job. At the end of September we were all shocked and numbed at the very sudden  passing of President Trevor Davey on Monday September  29th. He had chaired our September 27th meeting looking not a day over 70 and showing no outward signs of anything amiss. His funeral service at Knox Church the following Saturday October 4th was a most moving occasion with a good Clan Macleod attendance. The Clan part of the service was a reading of the hymn Courage Brother  Do Not Stumble written by a Rev Norman Macleod .
 At the AGM in November , Ian F. Macleod was elected as President. In early December another sad occassion occurred with the passing of long serving member Marjorie Rogers. She had been hostess for our late  Chief John on his 1991 visit and on numerous occasions when we had Clan Meetings at St Winifreds Place . Her husband Ro has survived her and was host on those occasions.
We had a most enjoyable picnic on Robbie Burn's 250th birthday at Riccarton Bush. Judith Moore was home for a holiday visit and joined us for the picnic It was great having her back with us for that short period. She thoroughly enjoyed the occasion. As a tack on to the picnic we all attended the Unveiling of a Memorial to The Pioneer Scots of Canterbury. These wre the first European settlers on the Canterbury Plains well before the arrival of the First 4 ships bringing the English settlers out in 1850. The Memorial was donated by The Burns Club. Our society had made a finacial contribution towards it. President Ian F. Macleod  in his role as Immediate Past President of The Canterbury Scottish Heritage Council addressed those present on behalf of the Scottish Community of Canterbury.
So far this year the committee has met on three occasions to  conduct a review of The Society's Constitution culminating in  a General Meeting held on May 2nd at which further  revision was done to bring it to a finalised version to be put to a General Meeting sometime in June or July for adoption . The Society wishes the New Zealand Clan Council well for its AGM.
                                                                        Ian F. Macleod (President)  


Flowers of the Forest     A Lament for Trevor Davey Esq.

Our hearts are heavy, sad and sore,
We mourn, for we shall see no more,
That sprightly, friendly, tidy man
Of  Church, of club, of craft, of clan.
The world is now a duller place,
We miss the smiling, cheery face.
We grieve that voice will not be heard
Of  the well-chosen, spoken word.
We look back over Trevor's years,
The times of laughter and of tears.
A man of  pride and dignity,
A loyal friend to you and me.
A loving father, husband (twice),
A man of God through all his life.

John Hunt October 2008

Flowers of the Forest ('Apple of the Orchard')
It is with sadness we note the passing this week of one of our foundation members, Jock Ogilivie Macleod. Jock was a proud Macleod, a keen member of the Clan. He wore his kilt with pride and held fast to all things Macleod. In his younger years he followed in his father's footsteps, managing the family orchard at Loburn. In later years, he did some travelling, spending part of a year working in the gardens at Dunvegan Castle, and visiting his highland home in Assynt. More recently he was residing in Hanmer Springs, where life treated him well. Many of us remember him lending a helping hand at the World Gathering in 2003. Our condolences go to his family Joy, Anne, Juliet and Hamish and their families.
A colourful character who will live on in our hearts and memories.
It is with sadness we report that one of our very long standing members Marjorie Roger passed away on 1st December.
Many of our members were at the funeral in support of Ro, and his family, Marge and her husband, John and three of the grandchildren. It wasa celebration of Marjorie's 88 years of a life well lived. She had supported Ro in his ministry throughout their marriage and also studied and spent 20 years teaching at Rangiruru Girls College here in Christchurch. She became Deputy Principal before retiring, to enjoy many other pursui1s and service activities, such as, Friends of the Courts.Marjorie was a very keen member of Clan Macleod, and her daughter Marge recounted how she loved tartan and all things Scottish.
Marjorie served on the committee of Clan Macleod Canterbury, and very ably supported Ro when he was President. Ro andMarjorie were wonderful hosts to Chief John Macleod of Macleod during his first visit to
Christchurch in December 1991.--
HOLD FAST, SHINE BRIGHT, WE SHALL HOLD A LIGHT !                                                                    
      PRESIDENT  Ian F MacLeod                 
                              7 Bucknell St    Christchurch 8042  
                               Phone  03 960 8512
                              email: nfmac.buc@paradise.net.nz

                               SECRETARY Mary Clark 
                                30 Jeffrey's Rd, Fendalton
                                Christchurch 8052
                                Phone  03 351 5357
                                email: priscillamcster@gmail.com         



BOOK-----  "Calum's Road"  by Roger Hutchinson
    This book tells the life of Calum MacLeod who was closely related to Jessie Gourdie and Tui Parsons (two of our members). He was a lighthouse keeper in the remote northern part of Raasay for many years of his life. There was no road from the nearest settlement to the lighthouse, so he got to with pick, shovel and wheelbarrow to construct a road single-handedly. This book tells the story of the road. It is published by Wakefield Press and is available through Whitcoulls locally. Phone your nearest store to see if they have it. If they haven't, it can be ordered.  The instore price is $39.99 for the hardback copy. 
There is to be a Gathering of all Scottish clans in Edinburgh July 25th and 26th  2009 as part of The Homecoming . This is just preliminary advice of this. Fuller details will be released next year.
This was held in August at Dunvegan Castle with the winner being Roddy Macleod who is the Director of The Piping Centre in Glasgow. Some of you may recall his visit to Christchurch a few years ago as tutor at the Summer School for pipers.
From The Canadian Newsletter comes news that the University of Otago is establishing  New Zealand's first Professorial Chair of Scottish Studies .The Stuart Chair is named after Knox Church's first minister Reverend Donald Stuart, who was also a long-serving Chancellor of the University(1879-1894). It is a welcome and fitting development, given the Scottish heritage of the University and of southern New Zealand.
The programme's two strands will cover Scottish History, politics and economics and Scottish literature,music and culture.  

Yours in Clanship,
Mary P Clark, Secretary