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Rex McLeod
Rex was a loyal supporter of Clan Macleod, Hawkes Bay and passed away late July 2005.
The following tribute is from fellow clansfolk in the Hawkes Bay.
We of Clan MacLeod held Rex in high regard. He was a leader who asked the difficult questions and got answers. Rex was a man of the land but a person who valued other people. He was true to his word with many a story to tell.
Rex was a loyal clansman who held the motto 'HOLD FAST' in high regard. He lived by those two words. Hospitality was freely given and Edna and Rex welcomed people into their home. He was also a J.P.
The greatest gift he gave Clan MacLeod was his genuine regard for people. We were indeed fortunate to have Rex as one of our members.
Our deepest sympathy and love go to Edna and Grant and other members of his family including his siblings Mavis Harper and Don McLeod. He loved his family and they in turn loved him.
Rex, you did not physically make the trip 'over the sea to Skye' and on to our ancestral home of Dunvegan Castle. May you - like a bird on the wing complete thatr journey.
We will continue to honour the motto that you held in high regard.
Rex we will hold fast .
Eileen Burns
Eileen Burns was the oldest member of Clan MacLeod, Canterbury and passed away at the venerable age of 102. She is survived by her son Noel.
The sympathies of all clansfolk are extended to the families of Eileen and Rex.
Jock Ogilvy MacLeod
Flowers of the Forest ('Apple of the Orchard')
It is with sadness we note the passing this week of one of our foundation members, Jock Ogilivie Macleod. Jock was a proud Macleod, a keen member of the Clan. He wore his kilt with pride and held fast to all things Macleod. In his younger years he followed in his father's footsteps, managing the family orchard at Loburn. In later years, he did some travelling, spending part of a year working in the gardens at Dunvegan Castle, and visiting his highland home in Assynt. More recently he was residing in Hanmer Springs, where life treated him well. Many of us remember him lending a helping hand at the World Gathering in 2003. Our condolences go to his family Joy, Anne, Juliet and Hamish and their families.
A colourful character who will live on in our hearts and memories.
Jock was a foundation member of Clan MacLeod Canterbury
Mary Hill (nee MacLeod)
A valued member of the Hawkes Bay Society in her 90th year
John Honeycombe
A valued member of Clan McLeod, Helensville
Helen Ware
Loved wife of Hawkes Bay clan member Tom Ware
Joan Tattersfield
A long time member of Clan Macleod Auckland, Joan hosted Dame Flora on at least three of her tours and was active in her community with many organisations
Norrie McLeod

A devoted member of Clan MacLeod Canterbury for many years and Dad to Fiona and Scott
Lou McLeod

One of the very early members of Clan MacLeod Canterbury 
Ron Tucker

Our dear life member, Ron Tucker passed away 21 October 2007. Ron was husband to Runa for over 60 years. he was a wonderful "consort" to Runa in Clan MacLeod matters, especially during the 28 years Runa was local secretary and always took a keen interest in the clan.
Overseas visitors were warmly welcomed and looked after, accommodation very often included at their beautiful home and garden, so lovingly tended by both.
Ron was Past President of Clan MacLeod Otago and even though ill health prevented an active interest over the past four years, still enjoyed visits from clan members and the committee, offering his wise counsel as always.
Ron will be sadly missed by us all.
Flowers of the Forest     A Lament for Trevor Davey Esq.

Our hearts are heavy, sad and sore,
We mourn, for we shall see no more,
That sprightly, friendly, tidy man
Of  Church, of club, of craft, of clan.
The world is now a duller place,
We miss the smiling, cheery face.
We grieve that voice will not be heard
Of  the well-chosen, spoken word.
We look back over Trevor's years,
The times of laughter and of tears.
A man of  pride and dignity,
A loyal friend to you and me.
A loving father, husband (twice),
A man of God through all his life.

John Hunt October 2008

It is with sadness we report that one of our very long standing members Marjorie Roger passed away on 1st December.
Many of our members were at the funeral in support of Ro, and his family, Marge and her husband, John and three of the grandchildren. It wasa celebration of Marjorie's 88 years of a life well lived. She had supported Ro in his ministry throughout their marriage and also studied and spent 20 years teaching at Rangiruru Girls College here in Christchurch. She became Deputy Principal before retiring, to enjoy many other pursui1s and service activities, such as, Friends of the Courts.Marjorie was a very keen member of Clan Macleod, and her daughter Marge recounted how she loved tartan and all things Scottish.
Marjorie served on the committee of Clan Macleod Canterbury, and very ably supported Ro when he was President. Ro andMarjorie were wonderful hosts to Chief John Macleod of Macleod during his first visit to
Christchurch in December 1991.--