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Otago have been very busy with the Scottish Festival held over the weekend of 24th and 25th September which included the Queen O' the Heather contest and a Kirkin' o' the Tartan. Saturday 15 October saw them meet for dinner at the Leviathan Hotel.
Since then it has been a quiet time in the southernmost parts of the country mainly due to the series of 50th Anniversary celebrations taking place amongst many of the regional societies. 
The AGM Held on 3 July saw an excellent turnout and the re-election of Rod MacLeod as President, Daphne Macleod as Secretary/Treasurer and Pauline MacLeod, Rose and John Gertson, Shirley Morton and Marilyn Keogh to the committee. They also welcomed new members Victor Herring and Marie Ransom.
See Canterbury newsletter

Central Otago:
In Central Otago we have 14 active members of Clan MacLeod. Gwenyth Butler of Alexandra has just joined our branch. Meetings are held about every four months, with some of our members travelling quite a distance, two members travel from Invercargill and one from Queenstown.
At the moment our project of making a Central Otago Clan MacLeod banner is well in hand and the finished item will be something we will all be proud of.
Central Otago hosted the South Island gathering over the weekend of 9/10 March 2007.
Sadly Southland is now inactive and remaining members have joined with Central Otago.

Hawkes Bay:
Verna Gillum has replaced long serving President Bruce McLeod allowing him to take a well-earned break from committee work although he will stay involved.
Hawkes Bay will be hosting Ruari and Anne Halford-MacLeod on Friday 26 October at an informal lunch at Dot and Ian's and later at a dinner at the Napier RSA
We were reminded at our 50th celebrations of the importance of Dame Flora's effort and work in establishing the world-wide organisation. She certainly had impact. It is important too that we remember Malcolm and Mary of Napier in the amazing work of Malcolm  here in New Zealand. The photo of the group of people at the first Parliament in Dunvegan includes them. An engineer in the Post Office, Malcolm and Mary lived on Marine Parade and hosted Dame Flora on one of her visits to New Zealand.
The strength of the Clan is at its best when we meet people and establish deeper contacts. With email and reasonable phone costs this may be an avenue to explore. Dot and Ian have established contact with Daphne and Jim of Dunedin - they have never met but their friendship is strong. It's a sort of pen pal of the 2000's idea. Perhaps we could establish a modern 'Pen Pals' page in our New Zealand newsletter.
Some other thoughts -
Could we gather together pieces of writing, prayers and so on that can be used at functions such as funerals and celebrations. Collecting them can be time-consuming but interesting. We could perhaps publish these in our New Zealand newsletter. In a similar way there may be enough interest to produce a recipe edition.
Ian McLeod - Napier
Members of Hawkes Bay were understandably upset on opening "Scottish Exodus" to find that Hawkes Bay was omitted from the New Zealand map of societies (everyone else was there) and also that there was no mention of Malcolm MacLeod who established Clan MacLeod in New Zealand and arranged Dame Flora's first new Zealand tour in 1954 especially as he had been lauded by Dame Flora's biographer, Anne Wolrige Gordon for his efforts on that tour.

50th Jubilee Celebrations
On a mild winter's evening in August 2006, members of the Clan MacLeod Society of Auckland (CMS Auckland) gathered to greet old friends and meet new ones in celebrating the Auckland Society's 50th Jubilee with the sound of pipes projecting their magis across the still waters of Manukau Harbour.
Guests were welcomed by Don Hammond, Presient, who read out congratulatory messages from Chief John, Malcolm ACMS President, Torquil Donald, John of Rassay, Ian F MacLeod President NZ CMS, Mary Clark CMS Canterbury, Bruce McLeod CMS Hawkes Bay, an Emma Halford-MacLeod co-editor of the CMS magazine, followed by a greeting in Gaelic from Cathie MacLeod, originally from Lewis.
Entertainment was in the form of Highland dancing by the Balmoral Dancers, followed by a splendid rendition of Robbie Burns' "Ode to a Mouse" by  Ian McLeod originally from Inverness as well as songs by Les and Sonia Andrews. Les was made an honourary MacLeod when invited to sing in front of Dame Flora during her Auckland visit in1955. les was invited to visit Dame Flora at Dunvegan Castle and remains very prod of this honour.
The haggis was piped in by Sarah Smythe, secretary of CMS Auckland, escorted by Don Hammond and Ian McLeod, whilst Robert Halliday Addressed the Haggis vigorously. A few of the guests had not tasted haggis prevously and were pleasantly surprised by the experience.
To mark the Jubilee, the committee authorised the design and manufacture of a new Auckland Clan Banner, which was presented to the gathering who expressed admiration and delight with its appearance and workmanship.
Laurence McLeod, President of Helensville CMS, spoke of the Helensville society whichis basically made up of direct descendants of two McLeod brothers, Isaac and John and their wives who settled and developed the Helensville area, just noth of Auckland, contrasting their Society with other New Zealand Societies which are made up of MacLeods from a variety of backgrounds and origins.
After a Gaelic Grace by Cathie MacLeod a delicious dinner was enjoyed by appreciative guests. Janet Pullan, who was secretary of Auckland CMS for over 30 years, cut the Jubilee cake and spoke of the history of Auckland CMS during her long involvement including the visits of Dame Flora, Chief John, Chief Torquil and many others. Anecdotes and happy memories were shared amongst the gathering.
Next morning, being Sunday, many attended the service at St Andrew's First Presbyterian Church where the new banner was blessed by the Rev Harry Morgan with readings by Don Hammond and Ian McLeod. At the end of the service the banner was piped from the church by Sarah Smythe followed by clansfolk, who later joined the congregation for a convivial morning tea.
It was a happy, informal, friendly successful and enjoyable Jubilee Celebration. Grateful thanks to all members of the committee who worked so hard to make the celebration a success, with special thanks to Sarah Smythe, who continues the proud tradition of the Pullan family involvement in CMS Auckland.
Auckland and Waikato members got together at a luncheon at the Muddy Waters Irish pub in Mercer and enjoyed a buffet meal and lots of chat.
All office holders were re-elected at the AGM
The Helensville branch has also celebrated 50 years. Our 50th celebrations started with a small gathering at the Helensville cemetery where the recently restored grave of Alexander Porter was rededicated by the local Presbyterian minister Warren Howes. Alexander sailed on the schooner Sea Gull from Nova Scotia with the McLeod families that settled in Helensville and married Isaac Senior McLeod's daughter, Elizabeth.
The gathering then moved to the Parakai Tavern with approximately 50 clansfolk including Joy Bridge and Don Hammond and several other Auckland Clan members.
The evening started with the piping of the Haggis, followed by a buffet dinner after which several congratulatory messages to Helensville on reaching it's 50th Anniversary were read out by President Laurence McLeod including ones for Chief John, Chief Donald, NZ President Ian F and ACMS President Alex McLeod.
Next was the unfurling of our new Clan MacLeod Helensville Banner by our two oldest members, Jean Robinson and Murdoch McLeod and the blessing of the banner by minister Warren Howes. The banner was well received by those members present and will be proudly carried and displayed at every function, or occasion, including the next Waipu Games in 2006.
The official function concluded with the cutting of the 50th Anniversary cake (made by Mary Robinson) by our only life member Joyce McLeod and Callum Clark, the youngest member attending the function.
Since then the MacLeod site at the Waipu games was manned by Helensville with a little help from Auckland and the new banner paraded.
A new committee was elected in November with Laurence McLeod as President, Moira McLeod as Secretary, Helen Jansen as Treasurer and Bruce McLeod as Family Tree Coordinator. The committee includes Joyce McLeod, Roderick Hedley and Mary Hill.
Helensville have a new email address:   clan.mcleod.helensville@ihug.co.nz. They are in the process of setting up a website to be up by years end as well as updating the "Family Tree".