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May 2009

On behalf of the Committee and Members of Clan MacLeod Otago I present this short report for the Annual General Meeting of the New Zealand Clan MacLeod Society to be held on Saturday 9th May 2009 at the home of the National President, Mr Ian F Macleod.

We are very grateful to Moira McLeod of Helensville who has kindly offered and accepted to be our proxy.

's year has been rather quiet with no activity until October when the AGM was held together with a most successful dinner at the Victoria Hotel on 12th October at The Victoria Hotel where we enjoyed a delicious meal and excellent company. The incumbent committee was re-elected with the exception of Rod MacLeod our former President who joins the rest of the committee. Rod and Pauline were thanked for their excellent work over the past five years and wished the very best for their future. Unfortunately no nominations were received for the position of President which remains vacant.

On a very wet and cold Saturday 21st March, we held a picnic at the Aramoana Domain at the entrance to Otago Harbour. Fortunately we had hired the hall in case of inclement weather and ended up having quite a cosy get together with the heaters on. We sure were surprised with the turnout, and were especially pleased to have June and Dave from Alexandra arrive also, despite such bad weather. It was so nice of them to make that special effort to come along and join us.

We are hoping to hold a pot luck lunch at our life member Runa's some time in June when Rod and Pauline return to Dunedin. Runa enjoys keeping up with Clan matters and always enjoys the company of MacLeods at these times, a lot of whom are her relatives!!!

Rod retired last week and he and Pauline are on a month
's holiday in the North Island to start off a much more relaxed life than he has led in the last fifty plus years. We are sure he won't miss the 4.30am starts to the day.

We take this opportunity to thank Ian F for his continued guidance and the willingness and enthusiasm of the New Zealand Clan Council in keeping Clan MacLeod alive.

Yours in Clanship   

Daphne Macleod