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Report For ACMS to be presented at CLAN PARLIAMENT JULY/AUGUST 2006 Compiled By Ian F. Macleod, President.
It is with great pleasure I present this report to you all at this Jubilee Parliament. New Zealand views Clan Macleod as a worldwide family where all members are cooequal regardless of Office held ,age, sex or nationality. It is a family where it is all the members for the whole membership and the whole membership for all the members. We believe that all national societies together with the ACMS officers have a collective co-equal responsibility for the destiny of The Clan Family. The Clan in New Zealand has seven Regional Societies with their own elected officers and committees who are responsible for their administration. The National Society is more of a coordinating body which has no direct jurisdiction in the administration of the affairs of the Regional Societies which meet as often as they see fit to carry out their objectives and maintain the family feeling.
The Regional societies are as follows with the areas the cover and their presidents and Secretaries.
This covers the central part of Northland from the Kaipara Harbour area in the west to Waipu in the east. Its president is Laurence McLeod and secretary is Helen Jansen,
 This covers the northern part of Northland , Auckland, Waikato and The Bay of Plenty areas. Its president is Don Hammond and Secretary is Sarah Smythe.
This covers the Southern part of the North Island of New Zealand. Its president is Verna Gillum and secretary is Dot McLeod.
This covers Canterbury , Westland , Nelson and Marlborough. Its president is Trevor Davey, and secretary is Mary P. Clark .
This covers the eastern part of Otago . Its president is Rod MacLeod and secretary is Daphne MacLeod
This covers the western part of Otago and Northern Fiordland. Its president is Don MacLeod and secretary is Wilma MacLeod.
This covers Southland and Southern Fiordland. Its president is Graeme McLeod and secretary is Bruce Bartlett.
 You will notice that a good number of the officers do not have Macleod as their surname. I can assure you that they all have strong Macleod ancestry. Most of our membership is made up of the 50's plus age group. This is unfortunately common with other Societies like our Clan society. The 30- 40 year age group are all busy work wise and family wise and just don't seem to have time to spare for activities like ours. We have youth membership uppermost in our minds and are continually looking for ways to attract such membership. It is not for the want of trying. The membership of the regional societies in some areas is widespread and sometimes not all members can attend meetings. The regional societies produce their own circulars and newsletters from time to time informing their members of what is happening locally and internationally.
The national society puts out two issues of The New Zealand Newsletter each year in July and December updating things nationally .The regional societies exchange their circulars . From time to time the national president receives overseas Newsletters by e-mail which he forwards onto the regional societies also likewise all ACMS releases which are for public knowledge.
On the whole the membership is kept well informed.

Also the Meeting accepted an offer from Central Otago CMS to host a South Island Gathering in March 2007. Otago presented a remit to the meeting regarding setting up a simple genealogical project being a list of members With the names of their forbears who came from Scotland and where possible the port and date of departure, the ship they came on and the port and date of arrival in New Zealand. Hawkes Bay presented a remit concerning a possible visit from Chief John and Ulrika. This is to be investigated and a remit asking for consideration to be given to holding Clan Council Agms every Second year with a virtual {electronic } meeting in between. The meeting felt that the Yearly meeting kept all in contact (physically ) with each other. Altogether it was a most comprehensive and successful meeting. New Zealand wishes to express its concern about ideas and Suggestions being put to ACMS Management Council Meetings which would involve National Societies in a financial outlay. It would save a lot of problems occurring if the proponents of such would advise the Nationals Society Presidents well in advance of such meetings of such proposals. The NSPS would then be able to consult their regional societies for some agreement to any financial commitment required. and be able to properly instruct proxies accordingly. This is only common courtesy to all concerned. Of course such matters should be properly notified to The ACMS Secretary for inclusion in Meeting agendas.
We are all One big Worldwide Family . Through our unity let us set an example for the World .
We Shall Hold a Light as We Hold Fast To our Proud Macleod Family Fellowship.
Ian F. Macleod
REPORT 2008 

Clan MacLeod Society Of New Zealand:
Report for ACMS MC meeting
To be held on 16th February in Edinburgh
New Zealand Clansfolk wish their fellow Clansfolk all the best for 2008. It is a fairly quiet time of the year for Clan activities as many clansfolk have been on Christmas & New Year holidays. Most Regional Societies have yet to hold committee meetings to plan activities for this year.
  One of the major highlights for the latter part of 2007 was the visit from Ruari and Anne Halford-MacLeod. I gather that  this was their first time in New Zealand . They very much enjoyed their trip around the country being met and hosted by clansfolk from North to South. There was quite a bit of reminiscing with clansfolk that they had met at  Clan Parliaments over the years. When Ruari was in Christchurch,  he discovered a suburb named after some of his forbears. Ruari and Anne visited one of our oldest clan members who was at Parliament in 1956 being Tui Parsons whose neice is our national secretary. Tui and Rona  are quite closely related to the late Calum of the Road fame. This is the sort of thing that Ruari and  Anne enjoy most meeting up with clansfolk who have strong connections to notable MacLeods in Scotland.In Waipu they were taken to the grave of the Rev Norman MacLeod. They also met up with Rebecca's mother and Grandfather. It was a real delight to have this visit by Ruari and Anne.
   Members of the regional societies attended functions organised by outside  groups. Canterbury members attended the Gathering of The Clans  Celidh at The Scottish Society. Auckland members attended the Auckland Highland  Games and the pre Xmas Picnic in Cornwall Park.
 Canterbury had to defer their AGM to February 2nd as there was not a quorum present on November 24th  That Society will be holding its annual picnic on Sunday  January 20th in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens. Some members will be attending the Burn's Supper at The Scottish Society on January 26th and The Canterbury Centre's Pipe Band Contest on February  24th. 
  The highlight of this particular period was The Waipu Highland Games on January 1st in Waipu. Clan MacLeod was Host Clan for this and as such had pride of place in Clan Alley with a Marquee. Members of Helensville and Auckland Societies manned this during the day. I was in attendance as was John MacLeod Chief of the MacLeods of Raasay. As Clan MacLeod was Host Clan John  and I were accorded DV Status. We were in the Official party taking the  Salute as the clans paraded into the ground and also later when the official opening of the games took place. The Canadian High Commissioner to New Zealand performed the official opening signifying the link to Nova Scotia and St Annes  on Cape Breton Island in Canada. In the morning I went down Clan Alley on a PR meet and greet the other clans and groups present and watched some Highland Dancing. After lunch I went over to the piping  boards . I don't know how many outsiders visited the Marquee.In the parades both The Helensville and Auckland Society's banners were paraded. This was the first time that John had attended a highland games and he seemed favourably impressed especially at the Ceilidh which followed the games in the evening when a young piper from Christchurch played exceedingly well . The piper was Harrison Hawke who is a son of Richard Hawke who took part in last year's Dunvegan Silver Chanter.
 On the evening before the games it was Hogmanay. Don Hammond President of Auckland & NZ Vice President put on  a barbeque for visiting clan members. It was an excellent time of good Clan MacLeod fellowship.
  It is with regret that I report the passing of Ron Tucker of Dunedin who was President of The Otago Society for a goodly number of years. He was a brother in law of the famous bearded Allan Macleod who made some hair raising trips overland and sea to and from Dunvegan. Ron through his marriage to Runa  (Allan's sister )became  involved in Clan  MacLeod affairs becoming Otago President. His nephew Rod is currently Otago President. Ron had been unwell for some years recently. He is sorely missed
  On  a much brighter note one of our oldest Clan Members Tui Parsons  recently celebrated her 90th birthday. She went to Wellington to be with her relations to celebrate it.
  I have asked all the regional societies to discuss the ACMS  MT and bring the results of those discussions to this Years NZ AGM which is proposed for Staurday May 10th. This will be a major item on the meeting's  agenda.
  If there are any Clansfolk from around the world intending to visit New Zealand would they please contact me and NZ Secretary Rona Cooper so that we can arrange some Clan hospitality for them.

 Ian F MacLeod, President Clan MacLeod Society of New Zealand
ANNUAL  REPORT for year 1st October 2007 to 30th September 2008

 It gives me great pleasure to present  the Annual Report of The Clan MacLeod  Society of Canterbury (Inc)  for the year ending 30th September 2008.

It has been a year of contrasts marked by happy and sad occasion. It began with members of the Clan attending The Kirkin o
' the Tartan Service at St Andrews at Rangi Ruru Presbyterian Church in October .  Followed by the Solo Piping Contest at St Andrew's College at Labour Weekend and the Gathering of the Clans Ceilidh at the Scottish Society Hall in November. Clan members were present  at both these events.
Ruari and Anne Halford-MacLeod arrived in Christchurch late October and took off on a tour of the South Island, returning on for the 6th November, when we all gathered together for Dinner at Robbies Church Corner. A very happy  occasion.
Ruari is the President of The Clan MaclLeod Society of Scotland. Our Secretary Mary  Clark  very kindly accommodated them. Their South Island tour took them  to Otago, Southland and Central Otago meeting up with Clansfolk at each place. On their return to Christchurch they spent  a day looking around the City and its environs.  Our social function was our opportunity to officially welcome them to Christchurch and in the same breath farewell them from New Zealand. Ruari gave a brief address.  It was a chance for our members to meet and greet them and for some to renew acquaintances made at Parliaments over the years.

 The Annual General Meeting was set down for Saturday November 24th at Robbies of Riccarton.  However, we did not have a  quorom present, so President Trevor Davey declared this to be a discussion session only and postponed the AGM till February 2nd 2008 . One matter we agreed upon was to hold the picnic on Sunday January 20th at The Botanic Gardens  in Christchurch .
 Saturday December 2nd 2007 was Victoria Square Day, which some of our members attended.
The Picnic was duly held on Sunday January 20th in the Gardens at a site near  where the Buskers were performing. We could see and hear them easily. It was a lovely fine sunny day, rather windy at times. The wind caught all the spinning plates except one. The rest fell and broke on the concrete. The performers made it look like part of the act, clapping the sole surviving plate, which made it a bit of a laugh. Those who attended thoroughly enjoyed the day out and the entertainment by the Buskers.  
 Some members also attended the Burns' Supper  at the Scottish Society Hall the following Saturday.
The AGM was duly held on Saturday February 2nd at Robbies of Riccarton. Trevor was re-elected President with Ian F and Judith as Vice Presidents , Mary Clark was elected as Secretary and Fiona as Treasurer. Marie, Lois, Margaret and Alma were elected as committee members.
Instead of a March meeting, on Friday 28th March some of us attended a piping recital at St Andrews College by Greg Wilson and Murray Henderson .  Murray's daughter, Fiona also participated on the fiddle. This proved to be a most enjoyable evening, with world class piping and fiddle music to set the toes tapping.
 In May, Ian F. attended the New Zealand Clan Council AGM in Napier and presented our society's remit with regard to a park bench at Dunvegan Castle. This received a favourable response with a firm decision to be made at the 2009 AGM. .
Some members attended the Installation of The Chief of The Scottish Society on May 15th .
 Our June meeting was to be an address given by Donald Campbell about his Skye Heritage.  Unfortunately Donald was unwell on the day and unable to attend so Trevor addressed us briefly on armorial matters and we had a bit of a potpourri of contributions on other topics from some of those present.. We also said farewell  to Judith Moore who was leaving in July to take up a teaching position in China. After the meeting we went to Sequoia 88 for dinner as our final time with Judith and wished her well for China.
  August 16th saw us have a most enjoyable afternoon of Indoor bowls at Papanui Methodist Church Hall with members of Clan Donald and Clan Gunn. This was friendly competition with no emphasis on winning.
 On Saturday 13th September the Scottish Society held its annual Burn's Song Contest. Our Society put up the first prize money for the 13-16 year old age group.
A fortnight later we held our September meeting to hear Donald Campbell give his address. Unfortunately he let us down  again so Ian F. briefly addressed the meeting about his Great great great uncle the Rev Alexander Macleod of Rogart.  This was followed by another pot pourri of memoirs and contributions from some of the members present.
Right on the end of the society's year under review, Ian F. received a phone call from Bee Davey to say that Trevor had passed away peacefully in his sleep on Monday September 29th.
This was the sad event of the year. Trevor looked not a day over 70 at the meeting just two days before. There were no outward signs of anything amiss. His funeral was held at Knox Church on Saturday October 4th 2008.
   The committee met regularly throughout the year  to attend to the Society's business. Trevor in conjunction with Colin Lewis made a start on reviewing our constitution with the view to updating it. All officers and committee members are thanked for their attention to the Society's business. Treasurer Fiona has kept the society on a sound financial footing. Secretary Mary Clark has kept abreast of Clan affairs successfully together with her very busy life.
 Ian F. continues to represent the society on the Canterbury Scottish Heritage Council and on the New Zealand Clan Council for which he is thanked.
 All members are thanked for their much valued and continued support. Our  society  is what we make it, without the continued support of our membership our society would not exist. Hopefully as we go into the 2008 - 2009 Clan Year  we will attract new members. Even though we are a small group we must continue to meet.  HOLD FAST.
 Signed                                     Mary P. Clark     Secretary.
                                                                 November 2008 
October 2007

Dear Clansfolk

's Message

Hope you are all enjoying daylight saving and the feel of Spring in the air.
Not a lot to report on, as since our last get together, things have been fairly
Annual General Meeting
On 17th June we had the AGM at Daphne and Jim's place and
enjoyed a lovely lunch, kindly provided by Daphne and those who attended the
The following were elected to the committee:
President :  Rod MacLeod
Secretary/Treasurer:  Daphne MacLeod
Committee:  Pauline MacLeod, Rose and John Gerson, Shirley Morton, Marilyn Keogh  Diane MacLeod and Neil Roberts.

Pauline and I are having Ruari (President - CMS Scotland) and Anne Halford-MacLeod stay with us while they are in Dunedin. We were fortunate to have met with them when we had our trip to Parliament last year, and it's great they are making the trip to NZ.

They mentioned they were keen to meet with 'local MacLeods', so it would be good to see as many members at the dinner on 31st October as possible.

Their visit to Dunedin is only brief; however, it would be good to give them some good memories to take with them....               
 Rod & Pauline

Wednesday 31st October 2007   Victoria Hotel, Café Bar, St Andrew Street, Dunedin, 6.30pm for 7pm

Ruari Halford-MacLeod, President of Clan MacLeod Scotland and his wife Anne will be visiting us as part of a New Zealand tour.

Plagiarised from the Hawke
's Bay newsletter'''. Introducing our Guests!
'Ruari is President of Scotland's Clan MacLeod Society. He and his wife Anne live in Fife. They are on a tour of Australia and New Zealand. Ruari has an extensive knowledge of Dunvegan Castle. Anne has played a major part in clan life. She was coordinator of the last Clan Parliament. With the large numbers attending, this was no small undertaking and from all accounts was a brilliant success.  Ruari has written two booklets ' one is on the tartans of Clan MacLeod and the other about the building of Dunvegan Castle. His knowledge and feeling for our clan and castle are extensive.

Subscriptions - 2007

Thanks to those who have renewed theirs. Reminder forms are enclosed for those who haven't as yet.

A memorial service took place on Saturday 16th June at Dunvegan for the Late Chief John. An account is enclosed.
National Newsletter
A copy of the latest newsletter is enclosed.

NZCMS Annual General Meeting
The annual meeting of the combined New Zealand Societies was held on Saturday 12th May 2007 at the home of Alister MacLeod, Wellington. A report on the meeting written by the National Secretary, Rona Cooper, is in the national newsletter.

Going up North for Christmas/New Year?     -  Waipu Games, Northland, Monday 1st January 2008
Clan MacLeod is to be the host Clan at the Waipu Highland Games, 2008. They will lead the parade. Chief John MacLeod of Raasay is coming from Tasmania to represent the Clan. He will be the representative of Chief Hugh MacLeod of MacLeod and Chief Donald of the Lewes.

The Waipu Games are held annually and feature many Scottish attractions; piping; dancing; the NZ Highland Heavyweight competition (which include Scottish events such as caber tossing etc); the march of the joint pipe bands and for the first time this year
'Fashion in the Park'. This fashion competition, will display items which have tartan as a major element of design, has been promoted by Clan MacLean Association, NZ.

The Games are held on the Jan 1st  2008 . Gates open at 8.30am and the March of the Clans begins at 9.30 am. Cost is $15 for an adult and $35 for family.

B.Y.O food etc and have a picnic or buy from one of the many vendors. There will be Clan information tents and Scottish regalia shops there on the day. The Waipu Heritage Centre (Museum) is open all day.

In the evening there will be a BBQ  followed by a Ceilidh.

Check the website www.highlandgames.co.nz and find information about the host clan under
' Clans'.
If you are in the area or are thinking about going up North, please come along and support Clan MacLeod New Zealand, wear a little bit of tartan and enjoy the celebrations.  For further details contact Daphne.

Travelling Overseas?
't forget that MacLeod Clan societies are in the following countries and making contact with fellow clansfolk in Australia, Canada, USA, South Africa, Scotland, England, France and Germany can be organised by viewing their contact details online at www.clanmacleod.org. The North American Gathering will be held in Ottawa 2 ' 6 July 2008 ' go online at www.macleodgathering2008ca to check out their tentative plans.

Will you be in Scotland
' July 2009? ' if so you may be interested in '..
The Gathering 2009 is being held in Holyrood Park on 25th and 26th July 2009. It aims to be the largest international gathering of the clans ever held, and is one of the signature events of the Homecoming Scotland initiative. The Gathering will take the form of a classic highland games and will feature a clan parade up the Royal Mile followed by a unique commemorative clan pageant to be held on the Edinburgh Castle esplanade.    Contact Daphne for more information.

Looking forward to you joining us at the Café Bar on Wednesday 31st October, 6.30pm for 7pm at The Victoria Hotel, St Andrew Street. I If you have a relative or friend who would like to come along too and enjoy the meal with Ruari and Anne, please phone Rod 489 3686, or Daphne 473 7282. Rod and Pauline have already dined at the Caf
é Bar and said their meal was 'great' and a very reasonable cost.

If you have not already done so, please let Rod or Daphne know by Friday 26th October whether or not you can join us