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The Clan MacLeod society of France was established in 1981 with the purpose of promoting the culture and history of the Scots, notably that of the Macleod Clan and the Isle of Skye and neighboring Hebrides, to do geneological research of all the branches of the MacLeod Clan in France (Mac Leod, Mc Leod, Maclot, Macklot, de Leod, Von Leod), and to promote friendship and assistance among its members.
Membership is open to all MacLeod's regardless of the spelling, as well as any person attached by marriage or lineage to the Clan or to the seven Septs of the Clan, as well friends of the Clan MacLeod. Several of the society's members are English speaking, including the actual vice-president Ian M. McLeod.
The society is affiliated in the same way as other societies in English-speaking countries (UK, Australia, Canada, Scotland, New Zealand, South Africa) to the Associated Clan MacLeod Society, the A.C.M.S., located in Scotland. Its members receive the bulletin published twice a year by the ACMS and are invited to participate in meetings organized par the societies of the Clan, notably the Parliament, which takes place during one week of the summer, every four years in Dunvegan, on the Isle of Skye, center of the Clan. Fifteen members of the French society participated in the Parliament in 1994, many more participated in 1998.
The activities of the CMS France include two meetings per year of which one of them serves as the management meeting, and the distribution of a bulletin twice a year. Members are also invited to activities organized by the Caledonian Society of France et Franco-Scottish Association, such as the "Caledonian Ball" which takes place every year un Saint Andrews day at the end of November and the Burns supper that takes places every year at the and of January.
Septs of the Clan MacLeod
The Septs of the Clan Mac Leod consist of families that are descended from the youngest sons et the families that were allied to one of the branches of the Clan MacLeod for mutual defense. The Septs recognized by the Court of the Lord Lyon in Edimburgh are:
Mac Leod of Harris and Dunvegan Sept
Beaton, Bethune, Beton, Grimond, Harold, Harrold, Macandie, MacCaig, MacClure, MacCrimmon, MacCuaig, MacHarold, MacLure, MacRaild, MacWilliam, Norman, Normand, Williamson;
Mac Leod of Lewis and Raasay Sept
Aulay, Callam, Callum, Caskey, Askey, Lewis, MacAllum, Macaskie, Macaskill, MacCabe, MacAuley, MacCallum, MacCaskie, MacCaskill, MacCorkill, MacCorkindindale, MacCorkle, MacCorquodale, MacGillechalum, MacKaskill, MacLewis, MacNichol, MacNicol, MacNicoll, Malcolmson, Nicholl, Nicholson, Nicol, Nicoll, Nicolson, Norie, Norrie, Tolmie.
The Officers of the Clan MacLeod Society of France
Michel Maclot 4, rue du Moulin 54121 VANDIERES Phone: +33 (0)3 83 82 67 75
Ian M. McLeod 106, rue Pierre Brossolette 92140 CLAMART Phone: +33 (0)1 41 08 84 25
Alain Mac Leod 18, rue du Parc de Clagny 78000 VERSAILLES Phone: +33 (0)1 39 55 03 01
Ghislaine Poirier 4, Square Bainville 78150 LE CHESNAY Phone: +33 (0)1 39 55 75 97
Eric Poirier 14, rue Montbauron 78000 VERSAILLES Phone: +33 (0)1 39 50 15 80
Your e-mail contact:
Ian S. MacLeod 1-bis place des Vallèes 92270 Bois Colombes Phone/Fax: +33 (0)1 47 69 95 02 imacleod@sybase.com