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Parliament 2010 Newsletter, June 2010

The illusive newsletter

Once upon a time, it seemed that a quarterly newsletter for Parliament 2010 was a great idea. The first one went out a little over two years ago and included general information about Parliament. Other information followed,but not the newsletter. The Parliament web pages were launched on the ACMS website (beginning at http://www.clanmacleod.org/clan-parliament/clan-parliament-2010.html), and the Clan Macleod Magazines featured information about Parliament in issues 107-110.

But that illusive quarterly newsletter did not materialize. For this your Parliament Coodinator apologises, as setting false expectations may have created some inconvenience for people.  However, as we count down the weeks to Parliament, there is some information that is worth sharing.  This is the first in a handful of emails that will be sent to you.  If you do not wish to receive them, please reply to this email and let me know. 

The Parliamentarian’s Handbook

The 2010 Parliamentarian’s Handbook can be downloaded from http://www.clanmacleod.org/files/Preliminary-2010-program.pdf.  Please note that this is a booklet-style document, formatted to be printed on A4 sized paper.  If you don’t have A4 sized paper, use letter sized paper and set your printer parameters to resize the document accordingly.  If you would like a hard copy of the Handbook mailed to you, please contact the Parliament Coordinator.

Parliament reading list

We have added a page to the Parliament website, http://www.clanmacleod.org/clan-parliament/clan-parliament-2010/parliament-reading-list.html, which includes a list of published books that will enhance your experience and appreciation of the places we will visit. 

Accommodation at the Inchnadamph Lodge

The Inchnadamph Lodge has been holding a large block of rooms for us.  As of this week, only 17 people attending Parliament have made reservations.  Effective June 10th, we have released the rooms for sale to the general public.  It is still possible for MacLeods to book rooms there but it is not fair for us to hold them indefinitely.  It is possible the small number of bookings is due to the fact that the Lodge’s on-line calendar showed the rooms as unavailable (to the general public) while the rooms were set aside for us. 

North Room Group

There are still openings for the North Room group. Please register for these as soon as possible, or if you have further questions please contact the Parliament Coordinator or the ACMS Youth Coordinator.

The NRG will be staying at the Achmelvich Hostel, facing the beach near Lochinver.  Information about the NRG service project will appear in the next newsletter. 


Parliament doesn’t happen because of one or two heroes, or even because of a handful of hard workers. Nearly one in three people who attend Parliament have a specific contribution that they have planned to make ahead of time, and that they deliver with good will and aplomb! 2010 will be no different. It will be possible to sign up for volunteer opportunities at check-in, in Dunvegan.

The ACMS gratefully acknowledges
the major sponsors of our 16th Parliament.