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On Tuesday evening 27th July, during the silent auction and games activities at Dunvegan Hall, clansfolk will be "challenged" to share their personal use of tartan.  We are hoping to identify inspiring, respectful, and ultimately useful ways in which we can incorporate tartan into our everyday lives. 

This is a FRIENDLY competition, where there will be three "awards" given by our distinguished panel of judges for the best use of tartan in each of the following manners:

  • Historic - where tartan is used in a costume, or to evoke an historical period,
  • Classic - the finery that you might wear today to a contemporary Scottish Heritage event, and
  • Innovative - examples of adding tartan or tartan accents to apparel where you might not expect to see tartan. 

In order to participate, you only need to bring your garment or craft object with you to Parliament.  You can include your entry on the event roster by signing up at check-in in Dunvegan, or on Tuesday night.  If you need someone to model a garment, we will find a volunteer (perhaps among the fashion-conscious NRG?)

Inspiring ideas

Over the years, there have been a number of events and institutions that have showcased tartan and Scottish textiles.  This is a world-class industry, and not just the underpinnings of a "jimmy hat".  We will list some of the major contributors to this genre on this webpage. 

Sources of tartan

We will also list sources of tartan, which are recommended by members of Clan MacLeod. 

Clan MacLeod tartans

There are many tartans associated with the Clan MacLeod.  Some of the sources of tartan patterns are credible and historic, others are more commercial and can often misinterpret available information.  But it is sometimes helpful to be informed about the less authoritative sources, as it allows you to recognise the more fanciful tartan lore and give you renewed respect for the more legitimate histories. 

The ACMS gratefully acknowledges
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