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Youth Membership in the Clan MacLeod Societies
The ACMS strives to provide meaningful and age-appropriate social and educational activities for young MacLeods at its various World Gatherings. Young MacLeods are welcome to join the  national Clan MacLeod Societies as family members. Please refer to your national society's page for more information on family membership.
Policies on child protection

The Associated Clan MacLeod Societies is a registered body under the Central Registered Body in Scotland and has in place policies required under the Protection of Children Act (2003) Scotland:
Child Protection/vulnerable Adults Policy
Criminal Record Disclosure Policy
ACMS Policy on the Recuitment of Ex-offenders
ACMS Policy Statement on the Secure Storage, Handling, Use, Retention and Disposal of Disclosure Information
Youth Programmes at World Gatherings
Over the years, the Youth activities have been organized under various names, as described below.
The Nellies

The Nellies or members of the "Nellie Club" are the youngest of the MacLeods, of pre-primary school age. Due to local child protection laws, it is sometimes not possible for our volunteers to operate programs for the Nellies, so they may not be scheduled.
MacLeod Bheag
In Gaelic, bheag means "small", and MacLeod Bheag are the younger of our "middle aged" youth, typically of primary school age. 

MacLeod Mor
In Gaelic, mor means "large", and MacLeod Mor are the older of our "middle aged" youth, typically of secondary school age. 

MacLeod Sùardal

In Gaelic, "sùrdail" describes someone who is active and strong, or eager and diligent.  MacLeod Sùrdail activities are best for active young MacLeods of secondary school age (about 14-18 years old).

MacLeod Ealanta

The Gaelic word "ealanta" refers to someone who is artistic and creative. The Ealanta activities are best for young MacLeods who enjoy quieter activities or are of primary school age (about 7-14 years old). 

North Room Group

The North Room Group (NRG) are young people of college age, plus a bit.  During the week before Parliament, the NRG volunteer to perform a service project on behalf of the Clan. During this time many life-long friendships are made. The NRG also takes on duties that are essential for the smooth operation of Parliament, as well as participate in all Clan activities.  Frequently Clan families host NRG when they are traveling, or can mentor NRG when local work or school opportunities present themselves.  

Information about the 2018 NRG can be found at http://www.clanmacleodparliament.org/2018-nrg.html.

The very first North Room Group was held alongside Parliament in 1965. The North Room group was called so because the young people met in the North Room of the Castle in the morning, to plan their day's activities. Often there were excursions about in Dunvegan, but the NRG also reviewed and commented on the business activities of the Clan.  In recent years the NRG has been also known as eNeRGy, to recognize the effort that NRGers put into their work -- as well as play. 

More information about the NRG can be found in "Tell Your Children about the Stones: a short history of the Clan MacLeod Society", by Nancy MacLeod Nicol. This book is available on the ACMS Merchandising page.

The original NRG at the Castle in 1965.
Nrg 1965

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