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Is there a Scottish adventure in your future?!

Since 1975, members of  the Clan MacLeod's "North Room Group" have been sharing and exploring their Scottish heritage, friendship, and the world at large.  If you are a member of Clan MacLeod and will be over 18 years of age (and ideally no older than 25) during the summer of 2014, you can become part of this tradition. 

More information about NRG is available at http://www.clanmacleodparliament.org/2014-nrg.html.  You may also receive an email especially for those families that we know may have young MacLeods of NRG age, but please note:

  • The service week project will take place in Dunvegan from 12-19 July.
  • Accommodation, food, and local expenses are provided by ACMS during that week (only).  NRG are responsible for their own accommodation, etc., during the following Parliament week, but the NRG activities will continue.  
  •  Other information about NRG and the Clan MacLeod Youth Membership component can be obtained from the YMC Co-leaders, The ACMS Youth Coordinators are Finn MacLeod of Canada (finnmacleod@shaw.ca) and Bron McLeod of Australia (mcle0239@uni.flinders.edu.au).   Finn is a young man, Bron is a young woman, and they were both part of NRG in 2010.  

You are encouraged to register for Parliament as soon as possible. The earlier we know what our numbers will be, the easier it is for us to plan activities.