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On this NRG Forum page, we are hoping to collect first-person stories describing NRG experiences, concerns, and thoughts about the future of the Clan.

From Christy MacLeod:

Born Christina MacLeod, I was not a MacLeod until the summer of 2006. Yes, I had been to US and North American clan gatherings; yes, I owned tartan and yes, I could recognize at least one Scottish country dance tune (Mrs. MacLeod’s Reel), but my recognition of my own MacLeod heritage ended at being known as Colonel Bill MacLeod from Michigan’s grand-daughter.

In the summer of 2006, I participated in the North Room Group (NRG) program and came to understand what it means to be a MacLeod. This invaluable experience for young MacLeods, who are at least 18 years old, has been supported by the Clan since 1965, and through my own participation, I understand its importance.  Whether is was digging and moving rocks on the Millenium Path in Lewis and Harris, exploring the natural beauty and history of the area, or bonding over beers, NRG taught me that being a MacLeod is not entirely about the Scottish blood (great or small) in our veins, but rather it is about creating an international community.

Please send us your thoughts!

Send your contributions for this page to Christy MacLeod, ACMS Youth Membership Coordinator and NRG 2010 Leader.